General database

These are some of the data from five direct numerical simulations described in the papers listed below.


Example matlab file for velocity profile

Example matlab file for other statistics

ZPG (Physics of Fluids. Vol 14, No. 7, pp 2309-2323, 2002. DOI PDF)

APG1 (Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. Vol 60, pp 47-85, 1998. DOI PDF)

APG2 (Same as above.)

APG3 (Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Vol 471, pp 107-136, 2002. DOI PDF)

SEP (Same as above.)

ZPG, APG2 and APG3 are also described in Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. Vol 68, pp 167-192. 2002. DOI PDF

APG3 and SEP are also described in International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Vol 30, No. 3, pp 218-230, 2016. DOI PDF

The five direct numerical simulations are also described in the thesis of Martin Skote.

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